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Billing and Operations

POS systems make billing and operations a breeze, providing you with real-time insights, automated workflows, and a seamless customer checkout experience.


Inventory Management

Powerful inventory management feature in POS systems helps you track stock levels, reduce waste, and optimize ordering to improve your bottom line.


Online Order Management

Effortlessly manage online orders with POS systems, enable yourself to easily receive, process, and fulfil orders from multiple channels in one central location.


Yes, most F&B POS systems are versatile and can be tailored to suit various establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and even franchises.

Yes, reputable F&B POS system providers in the UAE ensure their solutions comply with local regulations and integrate features like VAT calculations, invoice printing, and mandatory reporting.

F&B POS systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows. Solution providers often offer training and ongoing support to assist staff in using the system effectively. However, it’s recommended to request a demo from the vendor to evaluate the system’s ease of use before making a purchase.

The cost of an F&B POS system in the UAE can vary depending on the provider, features included, and the size of your establishment. It’s best to request quotes from different providers to get an accurate estimate. However, to get a rough idea of what some of the top vendors are offering, check out our compare vendors page.

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