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F&B PSG approved vendors:

         Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
         Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
SapaadS$3446S$4087S$ 4708S$ 5349S$ 6611
WecomeS$ 4100S$ 5300S$ 6350S$ 7750-
Level Five SolutionsS$ 7780S$ 9860S$ 12100S$ 15860S$ 19340
Supply EllieS$ 4600S$ 7500S$ 11600S$ 14500S$ 18700
AppsPOSS$ 2250S$ 4540S$ 9240S$ 9680S$ 11530
FooyoS$ 6188S$6188S$ 7488S$ 7488S$ 10488
SuntoyoS$ 3500S$ 5000---
AZ DigitalS$ 6500S$ 6800S$7500S$10000S$10800
Firstcom Solutions Pte LtdS$ 8000----
AptsysS$ 3600S$ 4400---
WhyQ Pte. Ltd.S$ 2300S$ 2650---
EPOSS$ 5605S$ 8200S$ 12900S$ 13000S$ 16700
LunchboxS$ 2550S$ 5500S$ 20000--
YumstoneS$ 3805S$ 7315S$ 8285S$ 9715S$ 14195
Eats365S$ 3207S$ 4803S$7589S$8106S$ 9130
ACES$ 5000----
Skip QueueS$5800S$ 6800S$7600--
1-Smart Technologies Pte LtdS$ 7600----
EpointS$5531S$8331S$ 11046S$11800S$11831
TabSquareS$ 4800S$ 6800---
Megasafe Technology Pte LtdS$4580S$6980S$7980S$13480S$ 17580
CoobizS$ 8460S$ 11580S$ 13580--
FoodZapsS$ 2850S$ 3150S$ 4980S$ 7830S$ 9960
QashierS$ 2359S$ 3159S$ 4259--
PopcornS$ 3248S$ 4546S$ 5844S$ 7142S$ 8440
Singapore Data HubS$ 4420S$6420S$ 8220S$ 11020-
Edgeworks SolutionsS$ 3750S$ 5550S$ 6750S$ 8250S$ 8550
GetzS$ 8450S$ 17350---
WarelyPOSS$3300S$8300S$12800S$ 18300-
WeeboS$ 4000S$ 5160S$ 7120--
Dining ButlerS$ 2388S$ 2888S$ 4788S$ 4888S$ 7288
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The data has been updated referring the site as of 20th March, 2023.

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