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F&B POS Vendors


List of All Restaurant Vendors in the United Arab Emirates

Find and compare the best Restaurant POS vendors in the United Arab Emirates and select the one that best fits your needs.

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Facts ERP
Facts ERP

4.7 / 5. 3

FactsERP is a robust on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to cater to the needs of both large and midsize organizations. With its comprehensive features, FactsERP enables part-number inquiries, sales tracking, order registration, and seamless integrations with supplier portals. It provides a powerful platform for streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency across your organization. Experience the benefits of FactsERP in enhancing your business processes and driving growth.

Touche POS (Prologic First)

Touché offers versatile functionality across various Windows-based touchscreen hardware, handheld mobile devices, and PCs. It provides optional modules that cater to specific needs, such as repeat diner profiling for fine dining restaurants, table reservations, stored value cards for food courts, additional promotional displays for quick-service restaurants (QSRs), and kitchen displays for fast food outlets. With Touché, you can customize and optimize your operations to suit your specific requirements, enhancing the overall efficiency and customer experience. Choose Touché for seamless integration across multiple platforms and maximize your business potential.

Alpha POS

4 / 5. 2

Alpha POS is a comprehensive solution that provides advanced POS services with over 20 types of POS reports. With its robust CRM system, you gain access control capabilities for essential functions like cash management and inventory management. Alpha POS empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your business operations efficiently. Benefit from the extensive reporting capabilities and streamlined control offered by Alpha POS to elevate your POS services to the next level.

Mycom RestPOS

5 / 5. 1

RestPOS is a comprehensive restaurant system that offers a wide range of features, including asset management, point of sale, finance, and inventory control. It not only provides excellent support and dedicated service but also keeps up with the latest technology updates. The system ensures a fully responsive site, allowing simple access at any time and from anywhere. Experience the convenience and efficiency of RestPOS, your all-in-one solution for restaurant management.

CloudMe POS

3 / 5. 1

CloudMe is a cutting-edge restaurant management software designed to streamline restaurant operations while supporting a wide range of payment options. With its robust features, CloudMe efficiently manages tip management, multi-kitchen printing, stock arrangement, online ordering via tablets, and timely deliveries. It offers flexibility by seamlessly operating on various devices, ensuring smooth and efficient restaurant management. Experience the power of CloudMe to enhance your restaurant operations and drive customer satisfaction.


5 / 5. 1

IVE POS is a leading point-of-sale (POS) software designed specifically for the food and beverage industry in Dubai. It streamlines operations by providing features like inventory management, table reservation, and order management. With user-friendly interface and robust functionality, IVE POS enhances efficiency and improves customer service for businesses in the F&B industry.


5 / 5. 1

Geidea is financial technology company that provides innovative payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its core offerings include payment terminals, e-commerce payment gateways, and mobile payment solutions, all of which are designed to make payment processing faster, easier, and more secure. In addition to its payment solutions, Geidea offers value-added services such as fraud detection and prevention, loyalty programs, and analytics tools that help businesses optimize their operations and improve their bottom line.

Revel Systems

5 / 5. 3

Revel Systems is a robust POS and business management platform designed to maximize security, stability, ease-of-use, and service delivery. Revel can meet the needs of independent restaurants with multiple terminals and 2+ locations, small, midsize, and large chains.

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