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syrve iiko
Syrve (iiko)

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Syrve offers an all-encompassing POS and Restaurant Management Software tailored to each restaurants’ specific needs. With a specialization in bars, restaurants, takeaways, and other hospitality businesses, Syrve empowers businesses to achieve more with less. It is expertly designed to meet the complex and ever-changing demands of the sector, ensuring your business thrives in today’s competitive landscape.


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Posist by Restroworks is a game-changing cloud-based platform, fueling 15,000+ global restaurants. It offers scalable growth, enhanced efficiency, and consistent guest experiences. By unifying Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Integrations, Analytics, and CRM, Posist streamlines operations. With innovation and support, it empowers restaurants to excel and create exceptional dining moments.


5 / 5. 6

Sapaad’s affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model fits every budget. It works great for small cafes to multi-chain restaurants. It manages walk-in, dine-in, home delivery & online orders and offers a wide range of restaurant management features like Inventory Management, Menu Management, LIVE Business Dashboard, KDS, Food Ordering Platform Integration, and lots more.

POS Rocket
POS Rocket (Foodics)

2 / 5. 4

POS Rocket is an all-in-one restaurant management system that allows restaurant owners to manage their operations with ease, from anywhere and at any time. By providing access to real-time data and insights, restaurateurs can identify opportunities for growth and establish a culture based on data-driven decision-making. With POS Rocket, restaurant owners can optimize their operations to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and achieve overall success.

Wondersoft ShopAid

2 / 5. 2

Wondersoft ShopAid is a renowned point of sale software that has been optimizing business operations for two decades and serves over 14,000 businesses. With its headquarters in India, ShopAid offers on-site support to clients through its UAE partners. Shopaid.Net is a standalone POS software, delivering comprehensive sales and invoicing solutions tailored for high-volume eCommerce businesses. Moreover, it efficiently handles all aspects of restaurant operations, including inventory management, procurement, expiration item replacement, loyalty program management, and more.

Oversee POS
Oversee POS

3.5 / 5. 2

Oversee POS, introduced five years ago, is a versatile software catering to the needs of restaurants, bakeries, and salons. It is thoughtfully designed to align with modern business models and offers seamless integrations commonly required by retailers. The company prides itself on providing market-leading features at competitive prices. With Oversee POS handling sales, invoicing, and inventory, businesses can focus on providing personalized gestures to their customers. This distinctive POS software ensures your business stays up-to-date with evolving technologies and innovations while streamlining operations.


3 / 5. 2

PosBytz, a cloud-based POS system, offers an efficient inventory management section that simplifies tracking cooking inventories such as vegetables, meat, and groceries. It enables easy monitoring of food costs and profitability. In addition to handling dine-in orders, PosBytz seamlessly manages operations for multiple outlets across different locations, including accepting online orders from various delivery aggregators. PosBytz also facilitates onboarding, adaptation, and training of new staff, solidifying its position as one of the top restaurant POS systems in the UAE.


4 / 5. 2

Petpooja is a restaurant point-of-sale software that undoubtedly enhances and expedites all restaurant operations. This feature-rich POS software encompasses essential integrations such as Billing and KOT, table management, customer relationship management (CRM), menu management, inventory management, comprehensive business reports, and more. Additionally, Petpooja facilitates credit card payments and seamlessly operates on Android and iOS devices.

Oracle- Micro POS
Micros (Oracle)

3 / 5. 1

Micros POS system is specifically designed for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and casinos, making it an desirable choice in the UAE. Renowned as one of the premier point-of-sale systems, Micros delivers unwavering stability, reliability, and secure payment management services. With a global presence in over 180 countries and trusted by thousands of restaurants, it stands as a top-notch all-in-one cloud-based platform. Restaurateurs benefit from real-time optimization of their online and in-house operations, accessible from any device. Experience the power of Micros POS system to revolutionize your business today.

Omega Software

5 / 5. 1

Omega Software is a global provider of Information Technology solutions for the Retail and Hospitality industries, specializing in Point of Sale and Enterprise Management. Their user-friendly software solutions are suitable for various businesses, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, theme parks, casinos, and retail stores. Omega Software is committed to helping businesses save time, increase efficiency, and manage their daily operations effectively in a rapidly changing world.

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